File Encryption
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File Encryption Program
To install this program on your Windows computer you have to download a file named FileEnc.Zip by opening the following web address:

The file will then download to your Windows computer's DOWNLOADS folder. Double click the file FileEnc. Three items will then be displayed. Double click the application file FileEncrypt.exe to extract the zipped files.
The file File FileEnc will be extracted , Double click it, Three items will be displayed. Now Double Click the file FileEncrypt.Exe -  a
you may see a Warning Message - Ignore it as this file is SAFE and Click RunAnyway in order to install the program. 

The program will then be installed and it will open, ready for you to run it.

Running instructions:

Begin by entering your file encryption Password, 8 to 24 characters.To encrypt a file on your computer, click the RED button, or to decrypt
a previously encrypted file, click the GREEN button. Then, just follow the displayed program's prompts.

Please note that if you are encrypting a file named C:\AAA.XXX then the Encrypted file name becomes C:\ENC_AAA.XXX - thus the 4 characters "ENC_" are placed in front of the original file's name as an indicator that this file is Encrypted.

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