We specialize in encryption products for your desktop and mobile devices
                  This email encryption App locks and secures your messages from prying eyes

Operating Instructions:

To begin with you must first enter your email address in the designated text area and then enter your registration number - If you don't have one then press the red Click to Pay link. The
registration fee is a one-time $10 fee.

To encrypt a text message and email it to one or more recipients:

1. Click the [Encrypt] button
2. Enter the email address of the recipient then click the [Continue] button
3. Enter the text of your message in the displayed text area
4. Click the [Encrypt and Send Message] button
5. Scroll down to view the encrypted message in the text area
6. The list of email recipient's is displayed below the text area.

To decrypt an encrypted message that was sent to you:

1. Highlite the encrypted message and copy it to the clipboard (Ctrl-C)
 2. Click the [Decrypt] button
3. Paste the clipboard saved message to the displayed yellow text area (Ctrl+V)
4. Click the [Decrypt It] button
 5. The decrypted message is displayed in the yellow text area

Page reset: After have encrypted and sent a message, or Decrypted a message you should reset the page by clicking the [RESET] link displayed above.

To contact our tech support team, Click the [CONTACT] link displayed above

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