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Email Encryption/Decryption Algorithm
This algorithm is based on the so called "Block Encryption with feesback Method". Each text messagge is encrypted with a random key and this random key is then encrypted with a non linear function based on the Email Address of the message recipient. The encrypted key is then mixed in within the encrypted message. A 20 byte hash function of the original text  message is appended to the encrypted message in order to detect any transmission errors. To decrypt the message, the recipient is prompted to provide their email address. The algorithm is designed to extract the encrypted key from the received message and is then decrypted by using the same non linear funcrion used in the encryption process. The decrypted key is then used to decrypt the message utilizing the same Block Encryption with Feedback Method that was used in the Encrtption process. The 20 byte Hash of the original message is extracted and is compared with the computed hash of the decrypted message. If the two are not equal then the message may have been corrupted during transmission, or the message was not intended for this recipient who is alerted to this fact that the  message can not be decrypted. To encrypt and send a message, the user must begin by entering the user's email address and then perss the [ENCRYPT] or [DECRYPT] button. If encrypting, then a text area is displayed where the user enters the recipient's email address and then enters the text message followed by clicking the [ENCRYPT AND SEND] button. To decrypt a received message, the user pastes the received message in the designated text area and then clicks the [DECRYPT IT] button. If you have any questions, Click the [Contact ] button above.

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